We’re Building an Amazing Team

We work very hard, very fast and we’re very good. And, we also have a LOT of fun at the same time.

We’re looking for upbeat, enthusiastic and FUN individuals who aren’t afraid of very fast-paced and hard work. We’re not concerned with where you came from, what College you went to (or even if you went), we want great people who we can TRAIN to achieve high levels of productivity and competence.

So, you’re not applying for a specific position with any one of our multiple companies. Instead, we’re going to ask you a bunch of questions about you… what you like to do… what you don’t like to do… what you think you’re good at or not good at…. what you’re REALLY INTERESTED in and what you want to do in the future.

Therefore, and this is VERY IMPORTANT ——-> There are NO wrong answers. We’re not trying to fit you into a specific position. We’re trying to see, based on your honest answers, where you’d be able to contribute in a way that matches your unique personality, preferences and motivations.

It’s a different way of doing things but we are definitely different. And, it works!

The pay is hourly or commission/bonus based on which of our Family of Companies we’d place you. (The Owner has several different companies he’s hiring for across several different industries.)

One last thing: At the moment we are all remote, however, once things get back to normal (or close) we’re going to be going into offices. We’re based in the Uptown/Downtown Dallas area.

***** Start here *****

Once the above is completed our Team Members will review and get back to you when we have something we think you’d be great for!