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What Will Happen on the Call?

We’ll discuss this project with you and give you a flat fee for getting all of your past due books in tip-top shape. You won’t get any surprise bills or fees. One set fee per 5-hour block, with explicit approval required for each renewal and we get to work getting them all caught up and in Pristine shape. After that, we'll do your monthly bookkeeping for a monthly fee, no contracts, cancel with 30 days notice.

Or, if your books are fine and you just need monthly bookkeeping to start off we can do that, too!

Our Policy is: No-Surprises!

  • Clean-up Your Books Project: Your Books have been done but there's a big error on them. 
  • Catch-up Your Books Project: Your Books haven't been done in some number of months.
  • Set-up or Switch Over to A New System: If you need to set-up or switch over to a new bookkeeping system we can help you make a smooth transition. 

In order to accomplish that we're going to need some information from you:

  • Two Typical Months of  Statements for Each Bank or Credit Card Account. This will give us a better understanding of how many transactions need to be categorized. If your business is seasonal, please let us know so we can take that into account. 
  • Catch-up, Clean-up or Both? Catch-up simply means the bookkeeping hasn't been done. We'll need to know how far back we need to go. Clean-up means SOME bookkeeping has been done but there are inaccuracies that need to be traced down to get accurate books. Most projects are a combination of both. 
  • Access to Your Bookkeeping System. To finalize your quote we'll need to review your current system. Most programs have a way to invite new users to the system fairly easily. Our experienced bookkeeper will take the bank and credit card data, the catch-up or clean-up data and then look at the complexity in your system. This will help us give you the absolute BEST flat-fee "No Surprises" quote to get the job done. 

We Look Forward to Talking With You!

Our Professionals Are All U.S. Based And LOVE Bookkeeping, Accounting and Financial Services!

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality professional bookkeepers on our team. All of them are U.S. Based with over 5+ years of experience, with many having over 30+ years of bookkeeping experience in a variety of industries and sizes of companies.

Here's What You Get As A Valued Client

  • Monthly Bookkeeping for a Set Price. No Surprise Bills or Hidden Fees.
  • All Books Done in the Bookkeeping Program of Your Choice.
  • The Ability to Request a New Bookkeeper in Our Company Should You Feel You Don't "Mesh" Well with Your Current One. 
  • Basic Financial Reports to Run Your Business.
  • Access to Your Bookkeeper During Business Hours to Answer Any Questions You May Have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my books are all messed up?

What if my books are WAY behind?

Can you help me set-up a new system?

Are there any contracts for your monthly programs?

Can a bookkeeper come to my place of business?

How do I talk to my bookkeeper?

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