Instead of Budgeting... ALLOCATE!

Budgets Don't Work... plus, they're kinda boring.

Think in terms of Allocations instead of trying to follow a rigid budget.

Instead of budgeting... ALLOCATE!

Budgets hardly ever work. They're always created with good intentions but in the frantic rush of business they're hardly ever kept.

Even worse, they don't tell you WHAT you can DO with the revenue you've just earned.

Instead we recommend something called an Allocation Form. It gives you financial control and guides you into a successful growth pattern.

You'll know how to allocate money and where you need to trim the fat so you have a more profitable, successful enterprise.

Here's an example:

This week's revenue: $10,000

Wages (35%) - $3,500
Operating Expense (30%) - $3,000
Profit (10%) - $1,000
Reserve (5%) - $500
Advertising (15%) - $1,500
Tax (5%) - $500

How is this different? Well, it works in the opposite direction. You made $10,000 and now you know you have $3,000 for Op Ex Max! (Control and Discipline!)

This is a simple way to FORCE financial control. It's what a budget is supposed to do but it's more realistic because you're not budgeting what you MIGHT make, instead you're ALLOCATING real dollars, what you DID make.

See the difference? Here's a spreadsheet that goes a little more in depth.

Doing it this way can show you which areas of your business need more attention. For example, if the Operating Expenses Allocation only received $3,000 this week but you're headed towards needing to spend $4,000 then you know you have to get busy and slash something somewhere... it gives you a key to control things BEFORE they get out of hand. 

Likewise, if you are starting to do well and the Wages bank account is getting full of cash you might know your business has grown in a healthy way and you could hire someone to keep the expansion going in a positive direction!

You could even flip that around and work it the other way... what Revenue target would we have to hit to be able to comfortably afford a new person who makes $yyy per week? 

Or... we have an excess of $5,000 in the account right now... this person we hire MUST make us an extra $1500 per week in revenue to pay for themselves. 

This is what you get with this kind of tool!

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If your bookkeeping is behind, inaccurate or just a complete mess we can help! Don't worry, we've seen it all and we SPECIALIZE in cleaning up and catching up your bookkeeping. This is an important first step in Financial Control, peace of mind and attaining the next level in your business and life. 

Read below for more information on how we can help you. 

One Flat-Fee, No-Surprises!

  • Clean-up Your Books Project: Your Books have been done but there's a big error on them. 
  • Catch-up Your Books Project: Your Books haven't been done in some number of months.
  • Set-up or Switch Over to A New System: If you need to set-up or switch over to a new bookkeeping system we can help you make a smooth transition. 

The easiest way to get a no-obligation quote is to do a short phone call so we can determine what it would take to service you.

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This no obligation call will help us determine what you need so we can give you a flat-fee "No Surprises" quote.

Why You Should Invest in Bookkeeping, Financial Services and Tax Planning

  • Pristine Bookkeeping Gives You Better Financial Control. When you have your books in order you can make better financial decisions, discover where you can smartly cut expenses and boost things that are important. It's the foundation of better financial controls.
  • Tax Preparation Is Easier and Less Stressful. When your books are already in order it makes tax filing for both business and personal (if you're an owner) much easier. And... you're less likely to make mistakes on your returns. Plus, you won't get hit with late penalties and interest if your out-of -shape books delay your returns.
  • Strategic Focus. Bookkeeping is a tool to think about how to best grow and your develop based on the numbers and facts of your business. You can make better short and long-term goals backed by the data instead of only using hunches or best guesses.
  • Better Cash Flow. Recording revenues, expenses, liabilities and receivables puts you in a position to better track when things need to be paid and when new money is coming into the business. This allows you to intelligently manage your cash flows so you don't inadvertently put yourself in a tight spot. 

Our Professionals Are All U.S. Based And LOVE Bookkeeping, Accounting and Financial Services!

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality professional bookkeepers on our team. All of them are U.S. Based with over 5+ years of experience, with many having over 30+ years of bookkeeping experience in a variety of industries and sizes of companies.

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This no obligation call will help us determine what you need so we can give you a flat-fee "No Surprises" quote.

Here's What You Get As A Valued Client

  • Monthly Bookkeeping for a Set Price. No Surprise Bills or Hidden Fees.
  • All Books Done in the Bookkeeping Program of Your Choice.
  • The Ability to Request a New Bookkeeper in Our Company Should You Feel You Don't "Mesh" Well with Your Current One. 
  • Basic Financial Reports to Run Your Business.
  • Access to Your Bookkeeper During Business Hours to Answer Any Questions You May Have.

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